Sandy Walsh


Realizing the personal benefits of regular bodywork, Sandy has been practicing Thai Massage, Pilates, yoga, Reiki and various forms of energy work for several years. She values the mind body connection and the conscious awareness of what it takes to ‘be well.’


Sandy has studied Thai Massage with Certified Massage Therapist and Mentor, John Logan; Thai Bodywork Master and Yogi Jonas Westring; and Kripalu Scholar-in- Residence, Ken Nelson.


In February 2009, she spent a week with Traditional Thai and Therapuetic Medical Massage Master, Ajarn Sinchai Sukparset and went on to receive her certification in Traditional Thai Massage at Loi Kroh School in Chiang Mai; completing both basic and advanced Traditional Thai Massage Courses with instructor Tassanee (Cookie) Boonsom. Sandy is an insured body worker.


"With deep gratitude I would like to thank my teachers and all of you who have shared insight and trust in me and this work. I remain inspired and love to experience where the practice takes me, and those who are open to it experiencing it."


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