"Thai massage might be my favorite form of massage therapy; I just had a session with Sandy…she's incredibly talented at this particular healing art - I literally felt the stagnant energy leave my body. I particularly enjoy the movements, the collaboration between therapist and client. If you haven't yet, treat yourself to a session."  - Anonymous



"I have never come out of a session so thoroughly worked out and integrated. The effects of Sandy's bodywork are tangible, beneficial and long lasting. She has an extraordinary feel for putting the body in alignment. I highly recommend this". - Beth



"Sandy offers a healing and generous Thai massage. I feel cared for and fully supported, while my stress and holding patterns are lovingly guided to release. Sandy has no agenda or judgment. She enters into a healing space, and invites you to join her."

- Joan



"Sandy knows exactly what to target and is amazing at massage and at human-ing. I always feel incredibly blissed out after and like a lot has been released. So, so, so very great."  - Jenn



"It's good to be able to provide a testimonial of sorts. More accurate to say,"a note of real appreciation". I have a background in energy work and I know the value of effective, regular sessions. In the last six months of treatments, I have been rewarded with a seeming endless variety of experience in our work. What began as pain relief, has become, over time, a noticeable boost in my depth of breath, more limber limbs and an increase in endurance... concerning golf at least. I am very glad to have your work available. Thanks." - Buzz, 68



"Looking to jump start a healthier approach to life and not finding any satisfaction, a friend recommended Thai bodywork. After the first session I felt reinvigorated physically, mentally and spiritually; and have ever since. I would highly recommend this treatment for whatever it is that ails you." - Patrick, 46



"Sandy is a major key to health, a weekly massage helps me to remain limber, flexible and feeling as vital as I can. Thai massage, I find, is much more therapeutic than the standard massages which I have had for years. I strongly recommend Sandy- several of my friends are delighted with her treatments as well. I couldn't do without her."

- Tamzin, 74



"I was hesitant about Thai massage because of the intensity and deep tissue work I had heard about. After one session with Sandy, I started going in every week and haven't yet stopped. That was 3 months ago and I feel incredible every time I leave. She has a great ability to read people's bodies and gives the exact amount of pressure and energy during sessions. I highly recommend this." - Kevin, 37


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